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April 24, 2008

At the end of every day, the sun sets by,
and I ask myself, the same question, why?

We don't get in life whatever we want,
and life itself to us, becomes a taunt.

But what’s the point of God making us strong this ways,
when, amidst all of this what we see is just passing days.

Man, I hear, has been a puppet of God on life's screen,
the strongest creature in the world, yet so lean.

Yet so lean... not just physically, more so mentally,
I hope, that God keeps all records and has a tally,
of whatever happens to its most fantastic creation,
which forms, on this earth, the human civilization.

I feel, humanity is what still makes us human,
in our hearts, it has saved the acumen,
of love, of life, and the joy of being what we are.

Wonder what joy symbolizes all this motion?
The symbol is life itself, and us being God's creation.